Places related to Ozu Yasujiro in Matsusaka

Places related to Ozu Yasujiro in Matsusaka

Site of Matsusaka-Za (Matsusaka Theater) (Around 1930)
Site of Matsusaka-Za (Matsusaka Theater) (1955~1964)
Around Site of Matsusaka-Za (Matsusaka Theater)(2021)


Site of Matsusaka-Za(Matsusaka Theater)

“Matsusaka-Za” is the successor of “Matsusaka Performance Theater” in the Edo period (1603-1868). As well as “Kagura-Za 19” in Atagomachi, it was one of the theaters representing Matsusaka. At that time, some of the first-class actors of the period came to perform in this theater.

Yasujiro watched a lot of movies in Matsusaka. He wrote in his diary of 1921, “I went to the theater to watch Helen Keller, the movie recommended by the Ministry of Education, with my sister Toku, along with my friends Inui and Ohashi.”