Places related to Ozu Yasujiro in Matsusaka

Places related to Ozu Yasujiro in Matsusaka

Shibuya Photo Studio (on the left side), which is the home of Yasujiro’s friend, and Shida Clinic (the clinic of Yasujiro’s family doctor) (in the front side)
Oshiroi-machi Street (In 2021)
Yasujiro and his friends in Matsusaka (The photo taken in 1917 or 1918)



Oshiroi-machi is the town where many of Yasujiroʼs local friends lived. He often went to restaurants with them. His family doctor also lived there.

The above photo shows Yasujiro with his friends in elementary school. He wrote in his diary on January 5, 1918, “Since we canʼt meet in the third term, we will gather at Shibuyaʼs house.”

This photo was probably taken in the Photo Studio Shibuya, the owner of which was the father of Yasujiroʼs friend.