Places related to Ozu Yasujiro in Matsusaka

Places related to Ozu Yasujiro in Matsusaka

Matsusaka Park (Matsusaka Castle Ruins) (Around 1924)
Matsusaka Park (Matsusaka Castle Ruins)(In 2021)
Matsusaka Park ((Ninomaru or outer citadel)(Around 1910)
Matsusaka Park ((Ninomaru or outer citadel)(In 2021)
Matsusaka Park (Wistaria-trellis in Ninomaru)(1955~1959))
Matsusaka Park (Wistaria-trellis in Ninomaru) (In 2019)
Matsusaka Park (Oteguchi Entrance)(In 1958)
Matsusaka Park (Oteguchi Entrance)(In 2021)
Matsusaka Park (Matsusaka Castle Ruins)(In 2018)


Matsusaka Park(Matsusaka Castle Ruins)

In 1881, “Matsusaka Park” opened in the ruins of Matsusaka Castle, which was built by the warlord Gamo Ujisato over 400 years ago.

In those days, it had a small zoo for monkeys and bears, play equipment for children and a restaurant inn.

It must have been Yasujiroʼs childhood playground because he sometimes mentioned cherry and plum blossoms, wisteria trellis, and playing on a swing in his diaries from 1918 to 1921.