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Spend a Peaceful Day with Matsusaka Tea and Nature

History, culture, nature, and delicious cuisine, Matsusaka is filled with attractions for visitors to spend a unique and relaxing getaway. In this article, we’ll be introducing to you about one of Matsusaka’s specialty product, “Matsusaka Tea”. If you’re a tea lover, this article is made just for you!

It’s not well-known even within Japan that Mie Prefecture is actually the 3rd largest tea production area in Japan. This means that besides its world-renowned beef, Matsusaka also produces one of the finest Japanese tea you can find!

This time we take a trip to Iinan region, located in the rural part of Matsusaka, where it’s filled with stunning nature and tea plantations. 

Chakura Bridge

For our first stop, we visited Chakura Bridge, where we were welcomed with the magnificent view of the Kushida River and the nature surrounding it.

Chakura Bridge (Left) and Kushida River (Right)

At one end of the bridge, you can find a newly opened glamping facility, “Everglades Kahada”; at the other end there's the “Roadside Station Chakura”, where you can purchase souvenir and grab some food.

After enjoying the view at the bridge, we headed to the roadside station for some Matsusaka Tea Udon!

Matsusaka Tea Udon set (Cold)

Both hot and cold options are available, and the udon set comes with 3 pieces of juicy karaage (Japanese fried chicken) on top of some rice.

Dip the cold soba into the dipping soup

Though subtle, you can really taste the flavor the tea that has been blended into the udon. Together with the delicious karaage and white rice, it was a satisfying and filling meal!

Tea-picking Experience

After filling our belly, we crossed the bridge to a tea plantation right around Everglades Kahada for some tea-picking experience.

Tea Plantations in Iinan

We learned about method of tea-picking and the quality of tea during different period of the year. The finest tea are usually harvested during spring, as they are the first batch (or ichibancha) of the year.

Enjoying my first tea-picking experience

We were able to bring home the tea leaves to process it ourselves. Through this experience, I understood why tea leaves were mostly only available to the noble in the past, as it is a very long and tedious process without machinery.

Shinryoku Sabo

After an educational hands-on experience, it’s time to enjoy some Matsusaka tea! For that, we visited “Shinryoku Sabo”, where you can enjoy authentic Japanese tea experience and desserts!

Interior of Shinryoku Sabo

The atmosphere of the café is very calm and peaceful, with a view of a Japanese garden right outside the window. 

Traditional Japanese tea set

Most of us wouldn’t give much thought about the timing and temperature when making our tea, but they treat their tea very seriously here. There are a few types to choose from, and each has their own brewing method. The staff will explain the process with English instruction available. 

English instruction for brewing a delicious cup of tea

The method of brewing our first, second, and third cup of tea is different, and the taste of the tea changes as well with each cup!

Brewing my own tea

The café also has several confectionaries such as mochi and cakes that goes well with the bitterness of the tea. This experience is perfect for those that love tea and Japanese culture.

Matsusaka tea ice-cream and cold tea

They also serve amazing brewed cold green tea and ice-cream made from Matsusaka tea which is perfect for the warmer seasons.


After enjoying some rich and flavorful Matsusaka beef, a cup of Japanese green tea is perfect to balance and cleanse the palate. With a long history of Japanese tea production, Matsusaka would not disappoint if you’re a Japanese tea lover. Whether it is in the form of dessert, noodles, or just regular tea, there is always a way for one to enjoy the one of the finest tea that Japan has to offer. 

There’s even a tea shop within the city that offers various tea experiences. 
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Visitor Information

Chakura Bridge
Address: Iinancho Kayumi, Matsusaka, Mie 515-1411
Open: 24 hour

Roadside Station Chakura
Address: 452-1 Iinancho Kayumi, Matsusaka, Mie 515-1411
Website (Japanese):
Open: 9:00 - 17:00 (Shop)
           10:00 - L.O16:00 (Restaurant)
Closed: Tuesday, Year-end holiday, Following day of a Public Holiday
Tel: 0598-32-2555

Shinryoku Sabo
Address: 4209-2 Iinancho Kayumi, Matsusaka, Mie 515-1411
Website (Japanese): 【 深緑茶房 】伊勢深蒸し茶専門店 (
Open: 9:00 - 17:30 (Shop)
          10:00 - 16:00 (Café) 
Closed: Wednesday, Year-end holiday (31 December - 3 January)
Tel: 0598-32-5588 / 0120-078-175