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Tori-Yakiniku: The Local Delicacy That Is Loved More Than Matsusaka Beef!

Known for its high quality and mouthwatering beef, Matsusaka is the perfect place for anyone looking to experience the highest quality Wagyu that Japan has to offer. That being said, “The City of Meat” has more to offer than just the beef. In this article, I’ll be introducing to you the delicacy that is said to be loved more than Matsusaka beef by the locals –
Tori-yakiniku (Matsusaka Chicken BBQ).


What Is Tori-yakiniku?

Tori-yakiniku is a local delicacy that has been around since the Showa Period (1926~1989).  What makes it so popular among the locals is its affordability, where you can enjoy BBQ in a fun and casual environment without burning a hole in your wallet! 

Miso marinated chicken

Tori-yakiniku is served marinated in salt or miso sauce. The latter is usually the more popular option as it gives the chicken a sweeter flavor, but it ultimately boils down to personal preference. 

Personally, I prefer one over the other depending on the cut of the meat. I also notice that foreigners would tend to prefer the salted option as miso sauce may come off as a little too sweet.

Enjoying Tori-yakiniku at one of the local restaurant

After coming to Matsusaka, Tori-yakiniku has become one of my favorite Japanese cuisine. Though it is still relatively unknown even within Japan, it has been introduced in various TV program recently which sees a gain popularity within Mie Prefecture and even big cities such as Nagoya.  

Dipping the chicken into miso sauce before eating

Enjoy It in Different Ways!

Earlier, I mentioned that foreigners tend to prefer the salted option. This is because the dipping sauce is miso sauce as well! Therefore, it makes the chicken taste even sweeter when we dip the miso marinated chicken into miso sauce again after grilling. 

I personally recommend trying the wakadori (young chicken’s meat) in miso sauce and seseri (chicken neck) salted. In my opinion, the tenderness of the wakadori is great in absorbing the flavor of the miso sauce, while the flavorful seseri goes really well with just salt. There are other cuts of the chicken such as the gizzard and hine (adult chicken meat) to choose from as well. Wakadori is tenderer and hine is chewier with bolder taste. 

Enjoying it with some local sake

Tori-yakiniku is great with some ice cold beer and Japanese sake too! This is one of the reason that makes it a popular party option, where everyone can drink, chat, and have an affordable BBQ experience! 


Tori-yakiniku is a popular local dish that is loved by Matsusaka citizen. It is mainly served in miso sauce or salted, and I recommend you to give both option a try to find out which one suits your taste better! You can find tori-yakiniku restaurants all over Matsusaka, each of them serving it in their own style.

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Cost: 2,000 JPY ~ 4,000 JPY
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